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tv   WBZ News  CBS  December 30, 2015 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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above freezing. cape cod and the south coast or islands is not included in the frost advisory. we are watching this area of low pressure slide across the area and to bring fog and subfreezing temperatures. the moisture in the atmosphere can cool things such as the road and make it very slick. use precaution this evening. we will watch the freezing rain approach after 9 pm. as this future model shows, regular rainfall will not occur until later on tomorrow. freezing rain icy mix, tonight and early tomorrow. we will take a look of your final day of 2015 coming up. a reminder, the importance of clearing off your car before you hit the road.
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because it was hit by a big chunk of ice that flew off the top of the car. no one was hurt. you can track any storm anytime that is headed our way by using our weather app. famed entertainer bill cosby, hours ago he was charged with sexual assault. there have been dozens of accusations but this is the first time that he has been charged. just after 4:00 this afternoon cosby appeared before a judge, arraigned on one count of aggravated indecent assault that happened in 2004. the charges coming just days after -- before the 12 year statute of limitations ran out. we have more on what is next. >> reporter: arising wearing a cardigan and using a cane, bill cosby had no comments about charges against an. he has been accused of sexual misconduct by more than 50 women. this case is the only one to result in criminal charges. >> this sexual assault took place on an evening in 2004 at mr. cosby's home.
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victim -- alleged victim worked at temple university. >> mr. cosby urged her to take pills that he provided to her and to drink wine. the effect of which rendered her unable to move or respond to his advances. >> reporter: in a statement, his lawyer calls the charges unjustified and says mr. cosby will be exonerated. in 2004, prosecutors said there wasn't enough evidence. that changed this year when depositions from a civil lawsuit were unsealed. wbz legal analyst jennifer rowman says the comedian's words are the most damaging in this deposition. >> i went into this area work may not been entirely consensual. but no one said no so i kept going. that alone is going to be what
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>> if he is convicted he could go to prison. roman says this case will have big implications for many of the civil lawsuits. also for the defamation case that cosby has filed against his accusers in massachusetts. were getting our first look at the massachusetts compound where bill cosby has been spending most of his time following the first sexual assault allegations. people in the neighborhood are divided on today's charges.>> awful, i feel sorry for the women. >> i think it's a lot of gossip. it doesn't need any publicity. >> he is a long time resident of shelburne falls, a historic quiet village located in the berkshires. you can stay with wbz for continuing coverage. we will keep you updated both on the air and online. recognize overseas, brussels has canceled its new year's eve fireworks show
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they arrested two people yesterday who they say were planning attacks on the festivities. even with those arrests, the fireworks show is off because officials say the threat is too great. human the with the president has been briefed on threats against new york, los angeles and washington dc. the threats are described as uncorroborated but police are increasing security for new year's eve. jim smith is live in boston. officials say yes there will be extra security but this will still be a fun night. the mayor in boston police are walking a fine line tonight. you want to make everyone aware of the world situation but at the same time they don't want to do needlessly alarm people.>> reporter: security is a big part of first night preparations just the same.>> [ muffled audio ] >> workgroups are setting up stages in tracking and ice sculptures with a big first night celebration. these days safeguarding against terrorism is crucial but city leaders still want everybody to enjoy
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>> we have the christmas tree lighting in boston commons. we had thousands of people that came out. that was after a couple events that we have had around the country. , and enjoy the city of boston. >> reporter: boston police will be out in force, some of them undercover joined by other agencies too. >> there are no known credible threats to the transit system. we are not anticipating any issues. were ready for anything and prepared for anything that may occur.>> reporter: first night organizers are confident it will be a safe and fun night. >> boston his use of his. the boston police department the mayor's office, they are used to all of these big events they are ahead of the curve with the rest of the country. >> coming to boston. have a good time. no public drinking.
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of back packs and who -- coolers, anything that could create security issues. the search is over, nearly 2 years after an avon man disappeared. someone walking in the woods found his body. exactly what happened, that remains a mystery. we are live tonight in a fun.>> reporter: still a lot of unanswered questions with this one. it was two years ago on new year's day, talk of men posing as probation officers showed up on this quiet street in a. they went into the robertsons -- jamie robertsons parents house and took him away. he was not heard from for two years. now they have found his remains and upton.>> he was a son and a brother and a father with a couple of children. >> jamie robertson had been missing for two years until this weekend >> here and upton, a hunter found his remains in the woods. detectives didn't take long to
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having a human skull & bones, along with a few other items that were found in the woods the day after christmas, to an identification both on the site of the victim -- identification of a homicide victim in 2 days. they took him from his parents' home in a. another man, a police officer was allegedly involved too. these two guys used his badge in handcuffs. they never found robertson until now. to i have mixed emotions between the sadness and really. now they know what happened to their son. >> no merger -- murder charges have been filed. as for the three alleged kidnappers, they are still under lock a. the cat maybelle.
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bill shields wbz news. the investigation continues into a deadly crash involving 4 the grid service ages in new hampshire. police say a car crossed over the center lane last night in wakefield and crashed head-on into a car carrying the ages. the driver of the other vehicle was killed. the agents were there for hillary clinton's detail. they are expected to be okay. the popular fenway park, who's on first will keep its license after an investigation. in the city licensing board says they did not find any violations against the bar which was the scene of a deadly shooting on thanks given day. kobe bryant says he has always loved boston. the season. that means he is saying goodbye to the garden tonight. are sports the rest her -- our sports director steve burton has more. storied franchises get together it's always a big game. this
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this is kobe bryant's last game here in boston. this game has been circled on the calendar ever since he announced his retirement. he met with the media before getting ready for the game. he was asked, what would you like once he came on the court for the last time at the garden. one thing came to mind. the banners. >> i will gaze up a lot and look at the banners and scan the crowd a lot and try to soak it all in as much as possible. they always look up into the rafters when i come here. i always scram -- scan the crowd and appreciate the sea of green. >> they gave him a special gift. [ indiscernible ] [ laughter ]
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a winter fail for the city of worcester what our city officials apologizing for? the patriots are in the playoffs but the next matchup is their most important of the season. coming up next, tom brady
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people in worcester fired up after yesterday's fairly small winters storm. -- winter storm. they say they were slow to clear the streets and some are still covered with snow and ice. this truck was damaged when ice scented skidding sideways down the road. after the minding answers, the worcester city manager sent out a letter saying, "we made a judgment call that turned out to be wrong. many of the streets are not in
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taxpayers are expected -- should expect." they were in a tough spot >> i walked out of my house today with a bunch of stuff for recycling and i fell. i'm really embarrass. i'm fine. >> look out for that first step. it's a doozy. cold is a big issue at this time. it is icy heading into tonight. freezing rain is moving in. before that we have freezing fog outside already. this is especially in areas west and north of boston. especially northeastern massachusetts will have more fog. we will have son tomorrow afternoon. it will still refreeze tomorrow night. were in that type of pattern. we have a freezing rain advisory for most of the area until at least 3 am. some of these will extend even farther down the line into tomorrow morning's commute. a lot of heavy rain in the southeast.
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the northern and. showers are starting to move into central pennsylvania. this will slide toward us into the overnight hours. we will look at the overnight conditions. i've been drawing a line from boston to providence. stay away from the freezing potential if you are south in these. if your north and west we are looking at icy conditions. the fog is already out there. worcester has visibility at a quarter from our. -- court her of a mile. -- a quarter of a mile. the freezing rain will continue to expand. the rain believe it or not will warm things up overnight. it's much warmer over our heads then at ground-level. as we had two tomorrow morning, taunton 35, boston 30. i think
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lock in, in areas such as worcester county. we will then have son later on in the morning tomorrow. by midday we will get close to 40 and more sunshine. it will be breezy out of the west. a much better afternoon and a fine evening. if you are heading out tonight, no blustery conditions for new year's eve. most areas are getting above 40 degrees for tomorrow. for tomorrow night, the big night, if you have plans, we're looking at temperatures that are going down through the 30s and about 30 exactly at midnight. there will be starlight overhead. the winds will be calm. even though we have seen winter over the last couple of days, we are so far ahead of the warmest december on record. we will crush it by the largest margarine -- margin ever
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the winter classic, we will be at 40 degrees. pretty seasonal quiet and chilly this weekend. upper 30s by day and 20s my night. the arctic front will move through on monday with snow showers and maybe even some squalls. apparently it is not too early for space savers. someone put in orange cone in the parking lot after the big snowfall that we got yesterday. inch. maybe that is for the future. [ laughter ] the patriots are trying to plan for a first- round bye all the way through.>> steve burton is live at td garden. i know were talking about the celtics but the patriots game is more urgent. >> we are here as the celtics take on the lakers and the last
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in boston. you are right, the pats take on miami in miami on sunday. how important is this? >> you cannot call this a one- game season. with this last game against the dolphins, it is something that the pats need. the top seed is the culmination of a successful year. >> it's important for us to be the number 1 seed. a lot goes into that. a lot of off-season work. a lot of players and coaches point. >> despite injuries the pats have been able to turn their players into prime time players. >> if we get the opportunity to make the plays and are put in the position, you try to go out place. >> they have been able to run
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had a playoff seed locked up. they need to play and win in miami to ensure that all of the playoff games will go through foxboro. if they get a big lead on the dolphins and are able to pull the plays out, that will happen. that depends on the players who are able to get out on the field. as for tonight, kobe bryant is one hour away from playing his final game here in boston. a short our -- he said a short time ago, these two teams will be linked now and forever. >> you can trust the sports gods to wine east teams up again. it will happen. you go back to russell and magic and bird. it's going to happen. that is how sports are. maybe it will be 20 years from now or 30 years from now. who knows? but it will happen again. when it does, i will sit back
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>> meanwhile there is so much going on. we have two days before the bruins and canadians -- canadiens face off at gillette stadium. >> its way and special to be here. >> it is so special to be anywhere when it comes to being here in new england. we are still waiting for kobe bryant to come out for warm- ups. the crowd will be ecstatic when they see him for the final time here in boston. that's the story here at the garden. back to you. the cbs evening news is coming up at 6:30. >> jim axelrod has a pretty. hello lisa ansley and.
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comedian bill cosby faces sexual assault charges. we will have the report from outside of the courtroom. flooding in missouri where the mississippi river continues to rise. you can change the world one heart at a time. >> from dinner title -- table conversation to a multimillion dollar charity, these girls are giving thanks to the american military. where -- dozens of rescued sea
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dozens of senior citizens got a rude awakening yesterday morning when a mobile call went out starting at 3:00 am. it was a reminder to get a flu shot. tufts has apologized and says goals were supposed to go out yesterday afternoon. >> [ laughter ]
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dozens of rescued turtles are flying south for the winter. they were all plucked from cape cod bay, many of them suffering from hypothermia. after rehab they are now heading to panama city, florida. coming up next, we will tell you why these snowballs
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coming up tonight, delivery trouble at the boston globe. customers have not been getting the paper at their doorsteps -- doorsteps for the past three days. we will take a look at what is going on and what it means for a newspaper in the digital era. this is a spectacular sight on sebago lake in maine. >> this happens when chunks of ice get tossed around in the water and they become round as a refreeze. aric joins us now. this isn't terribly uncommon. >> it's very beautiful. it's like jellyfish hanging
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the wind washes them it. what strikes me as the most interesting thing is the fact that the lake is in frozen yet. they have waves there. it's changing over the next few days. [mother] yeah but this neighborhood,i feel like it's got a lot of what we were kinda talking about. we should definitely go see it. [agent] hi. melanie. maggie. living room. [dad]what about this? this looks good. [brendan] no. [mother] isn't it great? [agent] hey brendan,you might
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